The Sister Clara Muhammad Memorial Education Foundation Needs Your Support

Your support today is more important than ever because of various factors. One such factor is the racial wealth gap. The online Journal of Blacks in Higher Education, on Wednesday, August 17, 2016, reported that the Institute for Policy Studies documented the racial wealth gap over the last thirty years as having increased by eighty-four percent for average European American families, which is three times the increase for African American families. They predict that if this trend continues, it will take two hundred and twenty-eight years for the average African American family’s wealth to equal that of the European American family. Another factor is that society has a need for the sober-minded, moderate, critical-thinking students these schools produce. The graduates, many descendants of ex-slaves, are responsible, accountable, dependable individuals with the disciplined moral fortitude for developing and contributing to a shared freedom space for all humankind that in necessary to build a good family and good community life globally.

Recognizing that “all children have a right to an education in a moral environment,” according to Imam W. D. Mohammed, we encourage you to contribute to the Sister Clara Muhammad Education Foundation , which supports the network of schools, providing an excellent education for our diverse Muslim and non-Muslim student population, many of whom would have little to no other opportunity for a quality education.

We thank you in advance for your financial assistance. Please see the form below and support our cause by pledging your donation today.

Burch International University Lectures

Dr. Azamat Akbarov, Dean of the Education Faculty at the Burch International University in Sarajevo, Bosnia, invited Drs. Hameed el-Amin and Jon A. Yasin, both academics, to lecture at the University on Monday, May 23, 2016. They were in Bosnia, accompanying Sister Nuurah Muhammad, the eighty-six year blind sister from Atlanta, Georgia, a Clara Muhammad Schools’ educational consultant, who visited the school developed by her Bosnian student, Sister Larissa, after she returned home to Stolica, at the end of the war in that country between 1992 and 1996. Sister Nuurah’s research and work began with Imam’s father and continued with Imam Mohammed. Her book, Education in Creation: The Tree of Knowledge, discusses the foundation for education, which is based on mathematics in creation. Accompanying Sister Nuurah, as well, were two additional education consultants, Sisters Linda el-Amin and Laila Muhammad.

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